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Mary Scott, MSW

Founder, Pivotal Impact, LLC

Mary Scott, MSW, Founder & Life Coach, Pivotal Impact, LLC


Specializing in Personal Development and Trauma Recovery, Mary is:

  • An experienced mental health professional using a combination of conventional, complementary, and alternative approaches for accelerated healing.

  • A skilled retreat director providing life-changing retreats for diverse groups: education and recreation retreats, women’s retreats, veterans retreats, couples' retreats, and custom retreats for family, friends, or workplace teams. Experiential group exercises available.

  • An authentic and genuine speaker with an appropriate sense of humor—which can sure come in handy when the subject gets heavy.

  • A dynamic team trainer for other health and wellness professionals, medical personnel, military service veterans, and first responders who commonly experience loss, grief, trauma, and ethical dilemmas and want to increase understanding, communication and leadership in the workplace.

Prior to founding Pivotal Impact Programs in 2020, Mary’s professional experience includes extensive work as a Master Social Worker and retreat leader for over 20 years, serving individuals and families in inner-city, medical and other high-risk environments. During that time, Mary also founded Balance-Out, a retreat business to meet the need for people seeking education-based, relaxation and fitness vacations. 


In 2011, she was invited to serve as a counselor, and soon after Program Director, for National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center, a top-rated residential retreat program in New Mexico for veterans and their family members managing post-traumatic stress. Recruited for her experience working with trauma, she continued with National Veterans Wellness for seven years, helping to expand the program and education curriculum, facilitate group education, counsel participants, and secure sustained funding. 


Receiving in-depth training with hundreds of veterans and family members, Mary developed a specialized protocol for working with inner conflict, negative self-concept, and identity which she uses when working with former military and many others.


Choosing to remain in Colorado, Mary has continued life coaching and retreats from her Loveland office, and is also the Co-Founder of Health4Heroes, a 501c3 non-profit in Ft Collins CO, where she serves as Education Program Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. 


Collaborating with various local organizations over recent years, she discovered that the health and wellness community has a growing need for leading-edge healing protocols, especially for supporting individuals who live or work in high-risk environments. She has been a speaker for various community events (e.g., Rest Haven Memorial Gardens, Military Order of the Purple Heart), and has provided trainings on the subject of loss, moral conflict (aka, moral injury), and communication.


In January 2020, to more effectively serve the Colorado community, Mary launched Pivotal Impact, providing new opportunities for learning and growth.


Read Mary’s Story Here . . .

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