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Retreats & Events

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Pivotal Impact Retreats - Susan - Richard Houston - US Army - vet


Dynamic Workshops, Retreats & Team Building

in Beautiful Settings


      Education, Fitness & Life Coaching Programs for Men, Women, Teens,

Military Service Veterans, First Responders,

and Workplace Teams

      Indoor-Outdoor Recreation: Hiking, Biking, Snowshoe, Yoga, and More

      Health & Wellness Treatments 

      Custom and Previously-Programmed Events 

2023-2024 Retreats and Workshops


Together We Stand

A FREE Weekend Retreat

Loveland, Colorado

Silhouette_service members_military_saluting_sunset.jpg

A Private Education & Recreation Retreat, FREE for Military, Veterans, First Responders, and their Guests. Dynamic Education - Guest Speakers, Tools

to manage triggers, and reduce the impact of serving high-risk operating environments: Loss, Grief, Life Threat, Traumatic Stress, Ethical Conflicts, Moral Trauma, strained relationships, and post-service Self-Concept & Identity. 

November 9, 2024

Live & Lead Well

Day Workshop

Loveland, Colorado

Together at the Top

Strengthen your understanding of what it takes to live well and lead well—at home or on the job. Join Co-facilitators Rick Davis, Founder, Fire Officer Leadership Academy, Military Veteran, former firefighter and Battalion Chief, and author of “The Furnace of Leadership Development”, and Mary Scott, Founder, Personal Development; Mental Health Specialist, Pivotal Impact Programs. Informative presentation, interactive discussion, and proven tools to reduce the common impact of serving high-risk environments: Sustained ‘Life Threat’, injury, loss, grief, ethical dilemmas, Moral Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress, and strained relationships and communication.


All participants agree to strict confidentiality (“Say nothin’ to nobody, never!”).

Registration Closed

SEPTEMBER 21-28, 2024 

Loving Lucca!

A Women's Wellness & Adventure Retreat

Tuscany, Italy

Cropped Villa Tofori Pool - Lucca - Italy.jpeg

Join us on a very private, personalized wellness adventure in Tuscany! Gorgeous private villa, private driver, private tours, cooking instruction, wellness workshop, private or shared room, friendship, learning, and laughter... ! You'll love Lucca as much as we do... 

Past Retreat-February 24-26

Moving Mountains:

A Dynamic Wellness Retreat & Workshop for Women

Grand County CO - snow - sunset - pine trees - Mary Scott - Pivotal Impact Programs - Purc

This fun, restorative weekend is designed to inspire fresh perspective, clear any roadblocks, mishaps or setbacks, and create more meaningful connections. As a small but mighty group, we'll move together,

relax and reflect a little, and likely laugh a lot! 

Registration Closed

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