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Self-Esteem and Identity


When something big happens to us, it can’t help but change us

A loyal spouse betrayed; an honest person falsely accused; a parent who's lost a child; a dedicated first responder "let go" or now retired, questioning their life-purpose; a trusting child abused; a military service member forced to act against his or her moral code;

a prisoner suddenly set free . . .


Such life-changing events are often traumatic, and can cause us to question our sense of self and identity, eliciting feelings of self-doubt, fear, anger, grief, shame, blame, hopelessness, depression, or even self-loathing.

These challenges experiences lead us to question our place in the world, our self-worth, relationships and our very identity. At times like this, people often wonder, “Who I am now?”, “Does this make me a good person or bad person?”, “What will others expect of me?”, or "Will I ever be the person I used to be?"


To move forward with greater clarity and confidence, it’s important to answer those questions. With the help of a compassionate guide to help sort through any confusion, clarify limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, and let go of the past (while honoring all who were a part of it), you’ll learn how to not let the past define you or limit the person you want to be.

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