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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

Inspirational, strategic team building that blows away your roadblocks . . .

Featuring experiential education, interactive exercises, and take-home tools for medical teams, first responders, military personnel and service providers, mental health professionals, and other workplace teams.

Choose from these programs, or let us design a custom program for your team:

  • Working with Moral Conflict (aka Moral Injury): Understanding ethical dilemmas common in serving high-risk operating environments for medical, legal, emergency response, and military service teams, to transcend potential limitations on teamwork, self-esteem, productivity, and performance.

  • Team Communication, Productivity & Loyalty: Enhancing interdepartmental relations and mutual appreciation to ensure greater productivity, a healthier work environment, employee leadership, and sustained loyalty.

  • A Retreat in Strength: A fun, inspiring and transformative retreat program that everyone actually wants to attend. You choose the location, and we deliver a program to fit your needs, culture, and budget--and blow away your roadblocks. Features experiential education, recreation, special guest speakers selected for your area of interest and expertise, and plenty of inspiration to propel you and your team onward and upward.  

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