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  Resthaven Gardens, Memorial Day 2019 

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When Love is Not Enough: Sustaining Healthy Relationships for Couples, Families and Groups


  • What to do when a relationship heads “south”.

  • How to remain objective and composed when others are unable or unwilling to discuss difficulties. 

  • Strategic tools for improving communication and enjoying healthier relationships.


Add on: Individual and group exercises.


The Impact Of Loss & Trauma On the Self & Relationships


  • Recognizing signs and symptoms of severe stress and trauma.

  • How loss and trauma can affect the individual and their important relationships.

  • Strategies for managing symptoms, healing strained relationships, and how to protect yourself, family or team when communication becomes ineffective, aggressive or violent.

  • Embracing a new "normal", at home and at work.


Add on: Individual and group exercises.

Understanding Moral Conflict & Its Invisible Impact

A Specialized Program for Those Serving High-Risk Environments (First Responders, Former Military Veterans, Social Workers, Legal Service Providers) 


  • Understanding diverse moral and ethical dilemmas, and the inner conflict they can cause (aka, moral injury).

  • What’s important to work effectively with common symptoms of moral conflict: confusion, anger, shame, blame, or sadness, depression, low self-esteem, altered sense of self and identity, lowered productivity, or compromised effectiveness.

  • Understanding why self-forgiveness is so difficult, but essential. 

  • Reclaiming the self and identity. 

  • Individual and group exercises included.


This presentation will be most useful for:

  • Individuals or teams who commonly confront unexpected circumstances: death, abuse, accidents, betrayal and deception, and similar conditions that can result in significant mental and emotional anguish.

  • Individuals or teams who serve those in dangerous and abusive living situations.

  • Medical, emergency response, active military, and military service veterans.

  • Social workers and legal service providers who commonly work with clients experiencing conflict and distress.




  • Experiential education design and facilitation for National Wellness & Healing Center, Angel Fire, NM (2011-2017)

  • Guest Speaker for Military Order of the Purple Heart, Annual State Convention, Longmont, CO (2018)

  • Guest Speaker for Resthaven Funeral Home and Memory Garden, Ft Collins, CO (Memorial Day, 2019)

  • Guest Speaker for Timberline Church Veterans Ministry, and CSU ROTC, Ft Collins, CO (2020)

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