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Together We Stand 

A Private Education, Recreation, and Releationship Retreat

FREE for Active Duty Military, Veterans, and their spouse/partners.

Dynamic Education - Guest Speakers
Tools to Manage the Common Fall-Out of Serving High-Risk Operating Environments:
Loss, Grief, Life Threat, Traumatic Stress,
Ethical Conflicts, Moral Trauma, and
Sense of Self & Identity, strained relationships and communication. 

Retreat Highlights
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Beautiful, Private,

Veteran-Owned Location

Double Occupancy/Shared Rooms: King, Double or 2 Twin Beds

(limit: 8 overnight guests)

Elegant, Comfortable Meeting Room with Fireplace


Multiple Seating/Dining Areas,

Indoors and Outdoors


ALL FREE for Active Duty Military, Veterans, First Responders,

and their Guests: Spouse/Partner, a Battle Buddy, or an Agency Partner.

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Honorary Welcome Ceremony

2 Hikes

Confidential Break-Out Groups



Private Wellness Consult with Mary

Special Closing Ceremony

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Hear what others say about both the benefits and challenges of

their service experience

Learn why intrusive thoughts, strong feelings, and the tendency to isolate are normal reactions to more "abnormal" service experiences

Understand why non-sexual intimacy can be difficult for couples

Leave with easy tools to manage limiting symptoms, and

improve your relationships 

"Great education information I've never heard before such as SUDs,

'moral conflict', and techniques to work through triggers."

- Veteran Participant, Mary Scott's Veterans' Retreat, March 2019

Your Retreat Awaits!

The cost for the Retreat is FREE. Please review the details and requirements to follow

Devils Backbone to Ft Collins - April 2020 - Photo - Mary Scott copy.jpeg

P O L I C I E S:

1. Attendance: Participants must be either Active Duty Military, Military Veteran, First Responder (active or former Police, Fire, Emergency Medical), attending solo or with 1 guest (partner/spouse/battle buddy/agency partner).  


2. Cancellation: We understand life happens. However, please honor brothers and sisters waiting to take your place; they need as much advance notice as possible. Although this is a free program at no cost to you, this entire program is funded by the host and private donors who are counting on your attendance.


3. Trust: To ensure trust among all participants, attendees must be able to arrive no later than 5:30 PM Friday 9/8/23, and depart no earlier than 2:30 PM Sunday 9/10/23. Exceptions? Please ask. 


4. Drugs, Alcohol & Smoking: Drugs not prescribed are not permitted. No alcohol or vaping is allowed on site. Cigarette smoking permitted in designated area only. 

Mary Scott Pivotal Impact Life Coaching & Retreats - headshot 2021.jpeg

Meet Your Retreat Host 

An experienced Mental Health professional for over 33 years, Mary

empowers teens, couples, Military Service Members, Veterans,

and First Responders to transform "the tough stuff": loss, grief,

strained relationships, personal identity, post-traumatic stress,

ethical conflicts, and moral trauma.


Her experience includes serving families in urban housing projects and hospital settings; Military, Veterans, First Responders and their families as former Co-Founder and Education Program Director for Health4Heroes; and Program Director, Education Facilitator, and Counselor for National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center. 


Mary offers private mental health consultation from her office in

Loveland, and workshops and Fitness & Educational

retreats throughout the US. Always up for adventure, she also

enjoys traveling, hiking her dog "Butters", and meeting new friends. 

"Anyone who works with Mary Scott can’t go wrong. I was depressed, angry, drinking a lot, overwhelmed with my emotions, and on the verge of losing my job. Mary used various things to help me overcome my depression and anger. She is incredible: kind, considerate, patient, and willing to help her clients face their personal demons. Mary may not tell you what you want to hear, but she will help you find the next step. If you’re hurting or just tired of this mad, crazy world, she can help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.”  


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 A Couples and Relationship Retreat
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